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Data-first businesses need a true private cloud at the edge. Emerging technologies need partners that are ready. OneStep Edge Cloud is a simple, scalable solution allowing fulfillment of a Data Center’s, ISP’ and IoT’s cloud potential.

  • ready and easy-to-use platform for delivery and management of storage, machines, marketplace and many more
  • secure and efficient environment
  • complete OEM platform possible to integrate with any payment system
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Deploying an Edge Cloud solution for today’s demands provides the performance and low latency associated with edge-optimized cloud infrastructure. With OneStep Edge Cloud you can completely manage the orchestration of all global devices.

Easy Management

Edge capacity in your datacenter can support innovative business opportunities in all verticals. Implementing a cloud platform with OneStepEdge offers unique values:

  • low barriers to entry (flexible financing)
  • price transparency and linear billing model
  • service portfolio expansion and new revenue source


By connecting multiple smaller cloud nodes into one infrastructure, you can provide the right solution to meet individual customer’s on-premise needs.

OneStep Edge - Big Clouds
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OneStep Edge Cloud is scalable at every stage - both for the service provider and the client. An enterprise solution available to organizations of all sizes, it is designed to support latency-sensitive applications - while still providing the efficiency of central orchestration.

Local Cloud Nodes

Efficiency of a centralized manage orchestration. From 100’s to 1000’s cloud nodes.

  • Flexible resource management with no pre-defined configurations
  • Processing - from 1 to 128 vCPUs/ from 512MB to 6TB RAM per VM
  • Storage - up to 16 disks, from 1GB up per VM, SSD or cost-effective HDD
  • Pay As You Grow - billing for actually used resources. After disabling VM, fees are only charged for disk space


Different types of clients, different needs and benefits. Now you can provide completely new services

    Data Center/ISP

  • Physical & Virtual Resources with option to scale as needed. Dedicated HW with GPU/FPGA
  • A Central Cloud in your datacenter and edge nodes on customer premise, everywhere they need
  • Application MarketplaceApplication Marketplace
  • Ultimate and consistent security through direct connection
  • Dedicated, private, high performance non metered access
  • Reliability - Resources In The Same Location as your DC
  • No billing transfer within DC
  • Capex/Opex flexibility


  • Single point of orchestration
  • Branch and micro data centers
  • Software-defined solutions
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity
  • IoT processing at the edge
  • Internet-enabled devices with sensors collecting and analyzing real-time dataConnecting entire networks of devices, reducing latency for specific services Asset tracking

Trusted partners

  • DellEMC
  • Intratel
  • vmware